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Projects available for production show how transfer.

1.  PFC chargers for double conversion online UPS 1Kva to 30Kva.
2.  Single Phase static bypass card with display for two online UPS(Hot standby app).

3.  Three Phase Static bypass card with display for two 3 phase online UPS (Hot standby app).

4.  Solar Energy meters with built-in RTC & Windows frontend monitoring software. 
5.  Microcontroller based Solar basic MPPT PCU with built in hybrid logic controls 12V to 120Vdc.
6.  Solar MPPT PCU card with built in hybrid logic controls and RS232 for 12V to 480 Vdc.(MOSFET/IGBT)
7.  Grid interactive Solar Sine wave Online UPS 5KVA/120V to 25KVA/360V.
8.  Squarewave inverter 400VA/12V to 4KVA/ 48V.
9.  Low cost Solar Hybrid Logic cum charge controllers for 12V/24V.
10.  Windmill Hybrid Logic controls cum charge controllers for 120V, 240V & 360 Vdc bus.
11. Grid interactive solar online UPS 1Kva to 30Kva.
12. LCD Displays for online ups with RS232 for 1ph-1ph,3ph-1ph,3ph-3ph(Net agent card compatible).
13. LCD Displays for online ups with RS232 for prop protocol for 1ph-1ph,3ph-1ph,3ph-3ph.
14. Low cost displays for Offline/Online Inverter/UPS without RS232.
15. UPS management softwares for Linux/Windows os
16. SNMP cards for online UPS 1ph-1ph,3ph-1ph,3ph-3ph.
17. GSM Controls for Online ups/Inverters.
18. Solar Hybrid Inverter 800VA to 5KVA.
19. LCD Displays and front end softwares for Solar application.

20. Protocol convertors for Netagent mini card for remote monitoring and web browser based monitoring.

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